A deep dive into the bursting of Japanโ€™s economic bubble in the โ€˜90s. Uncovering Japanโ€™s lost decade, the tragic tale of the economic bubble burst andโ€ฆ
Ep. 57

February 2023

Chatting about the Japanese onsen tourism industry, Differences between domestic and foreign tourism in Japan, and his transition from the financialโ€ฆ
Ep. 55 with Aaron Pek
Ep. 53
Ep. 52

January 2023

Bernard is the founder of Analyse Asia, a weekly podcast on technology, business and media with notable industry players and thought leaders all overโ€ฆ
Covering EUV Lithography, ASML, and everything in between from how it all works to their impact on the world and what it all means.
Ep. 46
Ep. 48

December 2022

Ep. 46
Ep. 45